THE First 72 Hours

talk_finances_600x450Your first 72 hours as an Herbalife Independent Distributor play an important role in your future success.
Lets us guide you through the simple logical process and success formula training that has bought success and created more millionaires than any other company

Simply follow these winning steps that will lead you on the path to achieving your business goals and a brighter future, we will then show you how to log into our training center


USE             the products and talk about their benefits.
WEAR        the button and encourage conversation.
TALK          to everyone you know.




Using the Products Is Easy Click here  to see our simple 3-2-1 guide to ‘How To Use Herbalife Products’
Most important is to learn the products firsthand by using them and become your own best advertising Be a product of the products. Make a product plan for yourself. You’ll start to look better and feel better, and have more energy to help you drive your business and achieve your goals.

  • Set wellness goals for yourself.
  • Review the Product Catalog with your sponsor to learn about benefits of all the     products.    Build a personalized plan to help achieve your wellness goal.
  • Use Herbalife® snacks to help get you through the day.
  • Look for products for which you can substitute a comparable Herbalife® product.
  • People will notice the difference and ask how you did it.
  • Tell them your story and inspire others to change their lives.


TAKE THE 4 Day Challenge

• Increased Energy • Lose Weight
• Reduce Body Fat % • Gain Muscle

Results After  Only 1 DAY:

  • Increased energy
  • Appetite under control
  • Healthy digestion
  • Sound sleep
  • General sense of well-being

Results After  Only 4 DAYS:

  • 98% result in better sleep patterns
  • 60% reduction in belly inflammation and digestive issues
  • 98% increase in energy and fatigue is gone
  • Improved mental clarity and Alertness


Results After  Only 10 DAYS:
In addition To 1 and 4 Day Results,
There Will Be A Loss Of 1 inch Off Waist Line!

 How This Helps You… and Your Business

  • Look and feel your best.
  • Maintain your health and well-being.
  • Achieve visible results that you can share with others.
  • Create your own success story.
  • Talk to people about the products and opportunity with ease.



Wearing the button and branded apparel is a proven way to get people interested in Herbalife® products and business opportunity.
You will be a product of the product with your own results and looking much better, just great. Friends will ask, strangers will notice, all will want to know
People will notice the difference and ask how you did it.
Tell them your story and inspire others to change their lives.

Why You Should Wear
Wearing the Herbalife button and apparel:

  •  Offers an easy, low-cost way to advertise your business.
  •  Starts a conversation with prospective customers.
  •  Builds your business even when you’re not “working.”
  • Gets people around you interested in the products and business opportunity.
  • Increases awareness of the brand.

Great Ways to Wear

  • Wear the button.
  • Wear Herbalife promotional apparel.
  • Put an Herbalife sign on your car.
  • Display Herbalife-branded accessories.
  • Carry Herbalife business cards, flyers and before/after photos.
  • Keep product samples handy.

With all of the great ways to wear the brand, you’ll be prepared with Herbalife-branded items for every occasion.
Develop your own personal style and stick with what works for you.

So when people see your button you can talk with confidence
Are you serious about losing weight?
How much weight would you like to lose?
What type of diets tried before?
Why didn’t they work?
When they have objections you can say with confidence
I don’t know about that, BUT what I do know is that I use the products and lost/gained weight feel much better etc and I know if you get on the product you will lose weight too and if for any reason you don’t I will be glad to give you your money back



Talk to everyone you know — and everyone you don’t.
Inspire others with your success story. Explain how you have benefited from the products and business opportunity. Show people how they can improve their health and financial future with Herbalife. Ask for referrals.

Call People You Know
How many people can you talk to about Herbalife in the first 72 hours? Write down your Circle of Influence – friends, relatives and acquaintances – and get started. Here are some helpful points to get you going:

  • Use the products and talk about their benefits.
  • Wear the button and encourage conversation.
  • Talk to everyone you know.

Share Your Story
When you use the products, the results you achieve make you a product of the product.

  • Get out and share your success story.
  • Always show your passion for the products.
  • Inspire others to achieve their own goals.

Create Long-Term Customers
Find out what your potential customers want. Do they want to lose weight? Earn money? Improve their skin? Improve their overall health?

  • Invite prospects to a presentation.
  • Place their orders.
  • Follow up with each customer and personalize programs to fit their goals.

The Power of Talk
There’s no better way to get the word out about Herbalife’s products and business opportunity than by sharing your own story and inspiring others! The more you talk to people:

  • The more natural it becomes.
  • The more success you’ll have.
  • The more fun you’ll have with your business.

Talk to Everyone
Don’t assume someone won’t be interested. Sometimes the best customers and Distributors come from the most unlikely prospects. Show excitement and energy. Enthusiasm is contagious!

Start With Your Circle of Influence
Write down a list of everyone you know and talk to them about Herbalife. When they show interest, ask them for referrals. The list below will help you get started with your personal Circle of Influence:

List your casual contacts, download Here

List your Circle of Influence download Here

More Building Blocks for Long-Term Success

  • Build relationships with customers and potential Distributors by staying in touch and helping themsucceed with the products.
  • Ask for referrals. Teach others what you have learned. Duplicate this over and over.
  • Talk to your upline.
  • Attend a Success Training Seminar.
  • Review the career books located in your International Business Pack (IBP) manuals to get your business headed in the right direction – fast.


Remember, if you believe it, you can achieve it!