Herbalife, The World's No.1 Weight Control Company The goal, A Mission For Nutrition is achieved through

  • Their goal, A Mission For Nutrition is achieved through


    • A rock solid company more than 30 years old
    • Extended into India 14 years ago now ready for the next Wellness revolution
    • Indian sales will quadruple in our opinion based on other country data
    • Members of Direct Selling Association of India (IDSA)
    • 16 Warehouses Across India
    • 6 Sales Centres and Multiple Training centres
    • A company of utmost integrity and ethical practices
    • Annual 2013 Sales revenue US $ 7.4 billion worldwide
    • Operating in over 90 countries & expanding towards becoming a $10 Billion a year company.
    • Publicly top trading performer on the prestigious NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
    • A company that pays distributors like you on time all the time


    • Our marketing plan is the best in the industry
    • We show you how and where to get your customers
    • We help you build your business with timeless proven methods
    • We provide powerful training by fellow distributors across India and online 24/7

    Herbalife's high-quality products and programmes offer:

    • successful weight management tackling world health problems
    • improved nutrition for mean, women, athletes to help us live a healthier life
    • enhanced personal care, we all want to look our best and use anti-ageing enhancements
    • the opportunity for financial reward, help us take control of your future

    Look good, feel good Products that carry a 30 day money back guarantee. Scientifically designed with your success in mind: Herbal based products that nature inspired and developed by scientists and nutritionists with the worlds your personal wellness needs in mind and knowing that poor nutrition is the cause of many basic health problems Solving wellness and health needs brings great opportunity within your reach and make the work from opportunity a rewarding possibility! Expert Advice you can trust The team at Herbalife's Nutritional Advisory Board” (NAB) are the driving force behind Herbalife's industry-leading success. The leading lights of this team meet the highest standards set for the Wellness Industry today through research and product testing from SEED to FEED Watch Herbalife's SEED to FEED concept in action

    Support You can count on it! The huge network of Independent Distributors in India and in more 80 countries makes sure you will always have the expert support you need to succeed. Remember, DESIRE is all you need to succeed When you're ready to take control of your life, we're here proudly supporting you every step of the way So go take the next step APPLY NOW

    • Solve your nutritional, weight and personal-care needs
    • learn more about our work from home business opportunity

    With Herbalife, excellent products and specialist support make it simply possible to look, feel and live your best. Experience Herbalife – and you are on the path to a lifetime of well-being.